InnerSections is now part of The Decurion Institute

InnerSectionsTrusted Leaders, Trusted Spaces

InnerSections, originally named TouchStones, is now part of The Decurion Institute. TouchStones was founded by the Center for Courage and Renewal with the aspiration of offering a different way of thinking about leadership and being together to the business world.

This different way starts with a different orientation:

Look Inward. Move Forward

The InnerSections programs draw on nearly a century’s worth of combined experience, delivering programs and practices that have given thousands of leaders deep insight into the inner landscape of their leadership—the foundation for courageous and authentic leadership in work and life.

Successful leaders know that trust empowers and strengthens organizations. Established well, trust fuels innovation and sustains companies through their most difficult times, creating workplaces where employees flourish. Where trust has been compromised, however, teams fragment, initiatives collapse, and companies silo. Leaders learn—often through hard experience—that trust and brand are inseparable: every aspect of corporate identity is informed by this essential quality.

The InnerSections—Trusted Leaders, Trusted Spaces executive programs are transformational learning experiences for the senior executive who wants to bring authentic, visionary leadership to their organization. They equip leaders with tools and practices to create cultures that attract and retain colleagues who show up fully, embrace creative risk together, and replicate trust across their institutions.

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