Deliberately Developmental Organizations – DDOs

Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDOs) put human development at the center of how they operate. An example of that is The Decurion Corporation. 

Developmental growth lies at the heart of Decurion’s approach to business.  Their purpose, to provide places for people to flourish, includes creating conditions for people to develop more fully into themselves.  One of their axioms is that individuals and communities naturally develop.  And one of their values is learning, a belief in providing an opportunity for individuals to develop,
grow, and contribute.  So what do we know about developmental growth?

First, we know that there are separate lines of development for each of us.  Some of the more prominent are the cognitive, emotional, moral, artistic, and kinesthetic lines.  There are many different lines.  We have identified a number that are highly correlated to both business and personal development.

We know that individuals and groups progress through distinct and identifiable stages of development.  And we know that people often shift from one stage to the next at different rates in the various lines.  Thus a person might develop to an advanced stage in the cognitive line but lag in moral development. 

Next, we know that each stage grows out of the prior one, bringing understanding and capabilities not previously present.  In other words, each stage “transcends and includes” all those that went before.  And no stage can be skipped.

We recognize that different circumstances or business conditions might evoke (or even require) responses from different stages within a line of development.  In general, as conditions grow more complex, higher stages of development are required to meet them. 

We know that there is a difference between states and stages.

Finally we know that there are different approaches to thinking, feeling, acting, and relating to one
  These can be classified as personality types, and people tend to be identified with one primary type.  Optimal development conditions can be different for each type.

Decurion’s developmental approach to business was eventually recognized in Dr. Robert Kegan’s book An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

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