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Bryan · February 3, 2021

The DDP-Network grew out of the Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO) movement and was originally named the DDO Practitioners Network. The name DDO was coined by Dr. Robert Kegan in the book An Everyone Culture which featured The Decurion Corporation and their developmental organization work.

New organizational theories, structures, and ways of working are emerging all over our world. Developmental organizations, including DDO, is one of these new-org approaches.

Practitioners in this new-org space need support. It can be a lonely place where new ideas struggle to find the fertile soil needed to allow them to flourish. The DDP-Network was created in 2015 to provide this support.

Network’s Purpose

  • To cultivate a community of practitioners evolving their capacity to discern and act from the wholeness and interconnectedness of living systems,
  • in a way that enables us to engage organizations in uncovering and pursuing potential and breathing new life-generating energy into processes, systems, structures, and culture,
  • so that people and organizations play their vital roles in the flourishing of ecosystems (e.g. customers, communities, industries, social-ecological systems, etc…).

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