About Us

The Decurion Institute for Wholeness and Development

The Decurion Institute grew out of the quest of The Decurion Corporation to discover a better way of doing business. 

Our original question was how to be excellent. This question inevitably led us to other questions about who we are and what it means to work. We eventually built an entire philosophy and operating system so that we can develop ourselves and our businesses toward wholeness.

Decurion’s work as a developmental organization was recognized in the book An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey.

Christopher Forman and Bryan Ungard then published The Practice of Self-Management: A handbook for walking the path from reactivity to presence and connection. Time-tested lessons, meditations, and daily-life practices will help you to expand your awareness, deepen your understanding, and transform your connection with those around you. The practices found in this handbook do more than enhance business effectiveness. Becoming more present, reducing reactivity, and dissolving barriers between yourself and others will transform your life as a whole.

The Decurion Institute is a 501(c)3 Organization