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InnerSections – Trusted Leaders, Trusted Spaces​

Successful leaders know that trust empowers and strengthens organizations. Established well, trust fuels innovation and sustains companies through their most difficult times, creating workplaces where employees flourish. Where trust has been compromised, however, teams fragment, initiatives collapse, and companies silo. Leaders learn—often through hard experience—that trust and brand are inseparable: every aspect of corporate identity is informed by this essential quality.

The InnerSections—Trusted Leaders, Trusted Spaces executive programs are transformational learning experiences for the senior executive who wants to bring authentic, visionary leadership to their organization. They equip leaders with tools and practices to create cultures that attract and retain colleagues who show up fully, embrace creative risk together, and replicate trust across their institutions.

The Practice of Self-Management– Walking the Path from Reactivity to Presence and Connection

The more centered, present, and authentic you are as an individual, the more effective you will be in your work and in your life.

This has been the premise of more than fifteen years of developmental work taught at the Decurion Corporation and resulting in The Practice of Self-Management: A Handbook for Walking the Path from Reactivity to Presence and Connection.  Time-tested lessons, meditations, and daily-life practices will help you to expand your awareness, deepen your understanding, and transform your connection with those around you. The practices found in this handbook do more than enhance business effectiveness. Becoming more present, reducing reactivity, and dissolving barriers between yourself and others will transform your life as a whole.

Deliberately Developmental Practitioner Network – Growing Life-Giving Organizations

The DDP-Network grew out of the Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO) movement and was originally named the DDO Practitioners Network. The name DDO was coined by Dr. Robert Kegan in the book An Everyone Culture which featured The Decurion Corporation and their developmental organization work.

New organizational theories, structures, and ways of working are emerging all over our world. Developmental organizations, including DDO, is one of these new-org approaches.

Practitioners in this new-org space need support. It can be a lonely place where new ideas struggle to find the fertile soil needed to allow them to flourish. The DDP-Network was created in 2015 to provide this support.

The Developmental Practitioner - Level 1: Beginning to Practice

The Developmental Practitioner program offers participants an integrated and systemic approach for shifting our way of seeing the world, being in it, and acting to a higher order living paradigm. Level 1, Beginning to Practice, focuses on our ability to self-manage as we develop our capacity to see the world as whole, dynamic, and alive.

Organization Development Programs -- Evolving the Capacity for Evolution: Strategy, Leadership, Operations & Culture

Direct work with businesses and non-profits to develop their capacities to uniquely express their essence through strategy, leadership, operations, and culture.